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Dec 10th 2023 Los Angeles CA TBA


Born in Alabama, raised in Texas, and now living in rural central Tennessee, JD Darling has been writing music his entire life.His new album,Looking Forward Thinking Back, reflects on this lifelong immersion, while also showcasing an unwavering dedication to his craft and commitment to carrying the canon forward. The album’s title is not just a clever phrase, but a statement of purpose. While the music within may contain elements of traditional country, it’s far from a passive nostalgia trip. Darling's work is a modern expression of his love for 90s-era country radio — quite literally at times, as on the track “1995”. He channels familiar country themes through a genuine and authentic voice, complemented by a live-band energy that imbues each song with immediacy and intimacy. While listeners will certainly find plenty of tried-and-true country subject matter on Looking Forward Thinking Back, Darling's approach to storytelling is deeply personal. His lyrics and melodies are crafted to evoke a range of emotions — from the wistful longing of “All I Ever Wanted” to the hopeful existentialism of “You Can Feel It” and “Ashes to Ashes” — giving equal attention to the contrasts of life’s daily struggles as well as peak experiences we all aspire to. With Looking Forward Thinking Back, JD Darling has crafted a record that is deeply rooted in the human experience. This is an album that feels both timeless and relevant, a tribute to country music's rich history and a nod to its promising future. Through it all, this thirteen-song collection reminds us that even the simplest aspects of life can make a lasting impact, and the honest, raw emotions within it are testament to the power of storytelling.